K-2nd Grade Lesson Plans

KIND – The Sun with Day and Night

KIND – Science Rocks!

KIND – Levels

KIND – From Seed to Flower

KIND – Erosion and Weathering-For Kids

KIND – Bartinieff’s Developmental Patterns, Gilbert’s Brain Dance

KIND – A House For Hermit Crab

K-2nd – World Folklore: Ukraine- “The Mitten”

K-2nd – The Quiltmaker’s Gift

K-2nd – Poor Little Guy

K-2nd – Flat Stanley

K-2nd – Big Road Race

K-3rd – Snowmen All Year

1st Grade – Les Quatre Saisons

1st Grade – Flotsam

1st Grade – Energy Exploration

1st Grade – Bodies of Water

1st Grade – Rise the Moon

1st Grade – The Umbrella Day

1st-3rd Grade – Fanny’s Dream

2nd Grade – Tony and the Pizza Champions

2nd Grade – Galaxy Quest

2nd Grade – Elements of Dance

2nd Grade – Degrees of Gravity

2nd Grade – Degrees of Energy

2nd Grade – Axial vs. Locomotor